About Travelling In Europe

4 Europe Fun Facts

Many of us love the idea of visiting Europe one day. I mean, why not? It has an awesome history, beautiful arts and views, and amazing structures. But amidst all that we know of Europe, there are still some facts that you ought to know about it. 

So to inspire you on your next travel, you might want to know these facts about Europe:

Europe Got Its Name From Phoenician Princess Europa

The world was divided into three major units namely Europe, Asia, and Libya. Different legends make up the story of how Europe got its name. But the most famous of them all is the one where Zeus kidnapped the Phoenician Princess named Europa.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Took Longer Building than the Pyramids

If you think that pyramids are hard to build and take time, think again. There is a structure that even took longer years to build. It is none other than the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The pyramids in Egypt took 85 years to build but the Sagrada Familia took longer at 144 years of construction. 

You Can Almost Always Find Victor Hugo Street in France

Oh, the price of being famous! Victor Hugo is a well-known and loved poet and writer in France. No wonder they honor him a lot. He is so famous that nearly every city in France has a street named after him. And his face is also a part of their currency. 

Europe Has a Rainforest 

You may not believe it but it is true. The weather in Europe does allow rainforests to thrive. There is still one remaining rainforest in Europe and it is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The rainforest in Europe is found in Perucica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

So, there you have it – fun facts you may add to your European knowledge. Travel may be restricted at this time but learning about different places in the world doesn’t have to stop. Europe is such a beautiful place. It is a must-visit in anyone’s travel list.